Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Antioch Community Church Dallas - Church Vision

From the launch of our church, we have had a vision to join Jesus’s work of saturating Dallas with the goodness of the Gospel. 

Why is this so important? 

When the Gospel saturates a city, spiritual renewal happens. People become more generous and empathetic, families flourish, vibrant communities are built, works of mercy and compassion for the poor are invigorated, schools are strengthened, health care more holistic and healing, business more creative and humane and race relations more healthy. 

When the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus saturates a city, its inhabitants flourish and nations experience healing, God is known, justice and righteousness flow like rivers and neighbors are loved. 

This is where you come into the story. 

We believe every person has a part to play in this vision and we would love for you to join us in working toward this vision. 

Mission Lived Out

With that vision in mind, we are seeking to live that vision out as a church community by being disciples of Jesus- practicing the way of Jesus, together, here in the Dallas Metroplex and around the world. 

Our discipleship to Jesus is based around nine biblical values that we want to cultivate in our lives and community: 

Every community has a culture- a set of shared values that shape the life and growth of the individuals involved as well as the collective contours of the group. With that in mind we are seeking to cultivate a House of Prayer that embodies particular discipleship values- 

1. Jesus is Our Treasure- We want to be a people that recognize the beauty and worth of Jesus. This shapes our discipleship because our relationship with God is not primarily transactional, where we come to God in order to get something, like He is a heavenly, but we come to Him to get to know and love Him in a deeper way, and we see that as a reward in and of itself. From that places of knowing and loving Him, fruit is birthed in our lives and God moves in power. You can listen more about this value here.

2. His Gospel Heals- Jesus's earthly ministry is marked by healing- spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and relationally. Likewise, He has given his church a ministry of healing. We want to go deep in the Gospel and receive the holistic healing Jesus brings through it. You can listen more to about this value here.

3. His Spirit Fills- The disciples of Jesus were called to live a Spirit-Filled life- including all that that means for their relationship with God, their personal character and the way in which they ministered. As disciples we want to pursue this life in the Holy Spirit. You can listen more to how we approach this value here.

4. We Are Better Together- Jesus is a community builder. He is regularly pulling his disciples together in community. We want to pursue the way of Jesus together in the context of church community. Toward that end, we seek to embody the values of 1 Corinthians 13 in our relationships with one another. You can listen more to how we approach this value here.

5. We Are Blessed To Be A Blessing- Disciples of Jesus view their resources differently. Life is not found in the abundance of possessions and we recognize out God's generosity to us, we are blessed in order to be a blessing. We are seeking to be marked by good financial stewardship and generous giving. You can listen more to how we approach this value here.

6. Saved People Serve People: The heart of the Gospel is that Jesus came to save us, and in the scandal of grace, he did that by serving us. As disciples, out of a deep awareness of our salvation, we want to cultivate lives of humble service and church to be marked by this type of servant lifestyle. You can listen more to how we approach this value here.

7. Found People Find People: As Jesus has found us, he calls us to enter into His mission of seeking and saving the lost. We want to do our part sharing the Gospel with our lives and with our words that many may come to know Him.  You can listen more to how we approach this value here.

8. Transformed People Transform Cities: As we are deeply transformed by the Gospel, we bring transformation to our families, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. As we practice the way of Jesus together, we want to be marked by this type of deep and wide ministry. You can learn more about how we approach this value here.

9. We Won't Take This For Granted: In all of these things, we want to realize the amazing privilege it is to be a part of God's family and God's mission. Therefore we want to cultivate attitudes of gratitude in our life together..