I Will Speak

When I see my son I will speak.

God, I know I'm the last one you expected a spoken word from. But please, if Your arms are not too short to save, surely Your patience with me has not run out yet.

The minute that angel Gabriel showed up and told me I would have a son I knew I was done. There were no sirens before he silenced me, tying my lungs and eardrums in knots not knowing if this is the end of me or the beginning. Either is fine, Lord, just don't leave me. Elizabeth and I have grown old, these hands and this soul consoling the sins of others for so long with prayers lifted up to you like incense THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE

WHY ME? Gabriel said, "My prayer has been heard?" When was my prayer heard? From the moment they began or just the last time I asked? My heart has sunk like brass beating on the ocean floor of everything that has gone unanswered. Why should I believe? You can make me mute and deaf but let me see it. Let me see Your promises personified.

Let me see Elizabeth's belly protrude carrying fresh life from you. There's no getting around it, surround this ground and turn it to bones with a breath, speak lines that align his spine as You spoke mine SHOW ME THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS IN THE ABSENCE OF MINE. Divine promises demand responses SO SPEAK, I HAVE EARS FOR NO ONE BUT YOU NOW.

Sow into our old aging fields a child for your harvest. Mend my manhood into your purposes and speak my son into existence so he might bring the joy and gladness you've spoken of over our household.

Abscond my bonds to broken beliefs and make me fond of Your words. For Your words are life and pierce through my lack of hearing, steering and stirring me with truths that have traveled beneath every sound shaking through the universe, making moons, waking tombs, filling wombs. barrenness to bear in this to barrenless. Baptize my sighs I will prophesy.

Break my silence when You break yours. Let me hold this son while he’s speechless so I can speak over him what you've spoken to me. "His name will be John, he will be great before the Lord, turning many to You, preparing the way for Jesus, Emmanuel, our prince of peace."

When I see my son I will speak. Wreaking havoc on every lie I've ever believed about You. I’m about to burst out of this quiet into the highest praises all places have longed to join the chorus of. Above all creation you waited to awaken this child before Your own would break in. His name will be John, and his weak words will wake men to sin winning them to Him.

And when he sees Your son he will speak. John will be the greatest of men yet still his soul will bow to one. Unworthy to even take off His sandals. He will prepare the way for The Way. He will speak truth until Truth is revealed. He will proclaim the life that is only but Yours. Oh the tender mercies You have stored up for us will be realized as the sunrise visits us from on High to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

And when the world sees Your son they shall speak. They will not hold back their words from declaring what has been promised. Whoever has ears to hear let them hear as their Gospel draws near becoming flesh before their eyes grace appears as a child in a manger, who will one day wipe away every tear. When the world sees Him they shall speak. they shall sing.

Track: "Overcome" by New Life Worship



stephen murray