Knowing Your "Yes"

We say "yes" every day.

Imagine all of the things you have already said yes to today. I've said yes to waking up, to coffee, to more coffee, to wearing chacos, to getting gas, to writing a blog, to getting lunch with a friend, to being concerned about what the future holds, to using emojis... The list goes on. Our actions - whether they are active or passive - are always revealing what/who we are willing to say yes to.

But when it comes to the hustle and bustle of every day life, it's so easy to allow your circumstances and emotions to determine what you say yes to. If I don’t get responses to emails in a timely manner, I say yes to being impatient. If I don’t feel good, I'll say yes to working less and sleeping more. If I don't feel like I fit in, I'll say yes to doing whatever the status quo is. If I’m running late, I'll say yes to making up the best excuses so I can avoid taking responsibility. If I'm not seeing progress in my work, I will gladly say yes to discouragement. 

Sooner or later, we find our responses feel as if they are on autopilot. We quickly call everyone else's actions into question. We live defensively toward others and start putting up walls. And before we realize it, our hearts have validated every criticism, sensitivity, and negative response our minds can come up with.

But the Gospel calls us to a different yes. A yes that begins with Jesus and depends on Jesus. The Gospel calls us to invite Jesus into every response. This is the yes we were made for. The power of our yes will always be determined by how much we allow it to be informed and conformed to Jesus. Jesus calls us out into a life of being transformed from faith to faith as we respond, “Not my will, but Yours be done.” Life abundant rests within our every yes to Jesus.

God has a "Yes" the world needs to hear.

Jesus has a yes that surpasses understanding. Jesus not only says yes to the Father’s will, He is the living yes behind the Father’s every promise.

“For as many as are the promises of God, in Him [Jesus] they are yes; therefore also through Him [Jesus] is our Amen to the glory of God through us.” 2 Corinthians 1:20

The life of Jesus is a risen “yes!” to every promise the Father has given us, and this divine yes calls for our agreement so that we might receive every one of them. The more we see His yes in the Gospel, the more we will say yes back to Him. If we look to the cross first, the world will begin to see Him through our yes.  If we will fix our eyes on Jesus, our yeses will start breaking down the walls between us instead of erecting them. They will begin humbling us rather than humbling them. They will conform us to Christ instead of this world.

"Your Response will be their testimony."

The other day I was upset with someone. I prayed for wisdom in how to respond and Jesus told me, “Your response will be their testimony.” He instantaneously broke my heart and the fever of my anger. How many times have I allowed my emotions the authority to revoke someone’s testimony of the faithfulness and tender love of God through my response? He is longing for me to have the faith to echo His yes.

what if I Keep saying no?

I bet a lot of people reading this article are saying, “I just keep saying no to Jesus and I can’t figure out how to say yes to Him.” And here’s what I think He wants to say to you today: “I’m with you. My yes doesn’t need your yes. Come to Me with your no and know I’ll still receive you. Give me your no and you can have my yes. My yes is yours for forever.”

stephen murray