One Thing I've Learned From Discipling Others

At first, it was difficult compressing so many thoughts and memories into a single thing learned from discipling others. Not knowing where to start, I asked Jesus what He has taught me through this journey and was reminded of a journal entry I made only a few months earlier.

June 8, 2016 17:30
“...As Sav shared this story, I felt my heart explode and melt and I almost cried. And Jesus said, ‘I am worth it.’ He is worth it. Always. Every time.”

There you have it. The past few years of walking in discipleship with courageously beautiful women culminated into four simple words He whispered: I am worth it. He truly is a good Father who has consistently shown Himself to be worth the cost of jumping into another’s life with both feet and allowing them to wade through yours.

Jesus was worth it when I first began discipling and had no clue what was up, except Him. Honestly, the first group of girls I discipled could have been discipling me. A couple years later, I had the privilege of walking life with another group of ladies hungry for the deeper things of God. I was continuously humbled as I watched them ask hard questions, challenge and encourage one another. They memorized scripture on their own initiative and held each other accountable in places Jesus was inviting them into obedience. Together, they practiced hearing God’s voice and pushed one another to step out of comfort zones in order to love co-workers and neighbors in creative ways.

He was worth it when I said “yes” in allowing a friend’s friend to live rent-free in my tiny studio apartment for a week, which turned into half a year. She was an angry unbeliever who hated my taste in music and didn’t believe God cared about the details of her heart. During one of the hardest seasons of her life, she watched in awe and I watched in wonder as Jesus began answering impossible prayers and flattening Mount Everest sized mountains. And just a month before getting back on her feet and moving out, she chose to begin following Him. Jesus is always worth it.

Discipleship is incredible, yet relationships can be messy and choosing to intentionally walk with others comes with a cost. Schedules get in the way, life becomes complicated and it can be easy to allow yourself to grow impatient and disheartened. On more occasions than I’d like to admit, I would grouch my way through frustrations and Jesus would gently kick me in the butt with a reminder that it was never about me to begin with and never will be.

My journal excerpt mentioned earlier was written at the close of a hectic season and I was in the middle of processing several heart things with Jesus. During our End of Year Lifegroup Leader party, Savannah (our Young Adults Pastor) surprised me by sharing with the group the story of one of the lovely ladies I have the honor of walking in discipleship with. A year ago, this friend moved to Dallas, jumped into Lifegroup and God began stirring her heart for the Nations.  She was challenged to begin reaching out to her neighbors and through this, met a young woman who had recently moved to America, was new in her faith and wanted to grow more in Jesus. The young woman invited her unbelieving friends over to the house to eat food together and soon, a weekly bible study started. Friendships deepened over the months as they encountered Jesus together. And it was through this sweet community that one woman chose to begin following Jesus. He is worth it.

When Savannah shared this story, I listened as if for the first time and cried on my drive home with the realization that I was seeing God’s heart for the Nations played out right in front of me. When we say “Yes” to His invitation to make disciples who make disciples, we get to see His Kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Discipleship isn’t flashy or glamorous, nor will it ever look picture perfect. However, it is a high calling because He called us to it and He is immeasurably more than worth it.