Doorholder Spotlight: Brittany Hines

Getting to Know You. 

I'm a corrective & wellness chiropractor, who grew up in Dallas and got connected with Antioch when I was living in Waco, back in 2002.  I think I've been to all the different locations that we've ever met at, in Dallas, as I was in and out of the church, depending on where I was at at different points in my life.

What Doorholder Team do you serve on? What do you do on a weekly basis as a part of that team? 

I serve on the Welcome Home Team because I enjoy making others feel warmly invited into our house/God's house and presence. I like holding the door and keeping my eyes open for new people who need direction or connection.  

Why did you want to serve on this team? Why is this team important?

I wanted to serve on this team because "smiling's my favorite!"  Lol.  I enjoy trying to get people to smile and in holding the door for others, I felt more ownership of my place in the church, a greater sense of belonging. I don't feel like someone who is just attending or who isn't known, and I want others who come to feel known and that someone cares that they got up to come! 

How have you grown in your faith through being a doorholder?

Being a doorholder has allowed me to have more accountability to committing to come myself, even when I haven't felt like it.  It's allowed me to feel like a valued member of the body and an active participant in what God is doing at Antioch.

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What challenges have you encountered as you invested in this team? How have you seen God use you through this team?  

Just last week, I had a bad morning and just wanted to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head, but I had a responsibility to come; I had made a commitment to be there for others and had a job to do.  From the people I welcomed that day, to the people on my team, to the sermon, they just all spoke to me that morning. One little 3 1/2 yr. old girl (who's a patient in my office) felt strongly to give me the painting she had made that morning and even THAT, that little thing, was a blessing to me, a sweet gift from the Holy Spirit, on that particular day.  I wouldn't have experienced that if I had stayed stuck in my own crap, in my bed at home. Talk about spiritual warfare and taking up your cross, just as Zach preached about, and the freedom that I've experienced throughout the week because of that. I've also been there for people who were coming and going and needed a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a prayer to encourage...if no one had been there, that person may have left still feeling lonely, not known, uncared for and hurt.  It's almost like a checkpoint where we can catch anyone who still has needs to be met.

Describe some of the relationships you have been able to build through being a doorholder?

I'm not a morning person and often find myself running a bit late, but I've experienced a lot of grace in that (haha), and I'm working on it. I don't like to miss the Team Prayers before we go out in the morning because there's so much goodness and power in praying together in groups to bless the people that are coming in each week!  I've had good conversations with people and love seeing all the people coming in and out each week, finding themselves becoming more and more comfortable building relationships, here at Antioch.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about joining this team?

It's not just for extroverts. As an introvert, it's really helpful to feel a sense of responsibility and love for the people coming in the door.


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