A Dallas Church for Young Professionals

Each Sunday they walk in the door; young professionals, fresh out of college, starting their first jobs in Dallas. Sometimes, they have been working for a couple of years, but have recently relocated to Dallas. It’s an exciting time of life, filled with new experiences and friendships. I really enjoy getting to hear their stories and see the common threads as they adjust to all the newness.

Some of them are a little overwhelmed by the big city and the pace of life. They work hard at their jobs for 40, 50 or even 60 hours a week, and want some quality friends to spend their down time with. Some, like my husband, are looking for fellow fans to go cheer on the Mavs, or a buddy to go on a run with at White Rock. What I hear more than anything else, is that young professionals desire to find their place in the city, a place where they are valued and add value at the same time.

Beyond desiring authentic friendships, the young professionals that walk in our doors on Sundays want to live for something bigger than themselves. They want to make an impact on this city and our world. It’s not enough for them to just take home a paycheck. They want to leave a legacy and cause lasting, positive change in our world.

These two desires are a picture of what makes millennials great and why I want more of them in our church. As I talk to people in our church lobby, I love getting to tell them that Dallas has so many amazing churches to get involved with, churches where you will make real friends and fulfill your God-given purpose. I want them to find a church to call home, a place where they can put down roots and grow.

I’m thankful that for many young adults that place is Antioch Dallas. Over the years, I have seen many people move to Dallas and get plugged in with our church. It’s so rewarding to see them connect with other believers and get involved in a lifegroup. I love when I get to catch up with them after they have been here for awhile and they tell me about how much they love their new lifegroup (and more than you would think, they tell me they’ve found some new roommates)! It’s encouraging to hear how they are growing in their relationship with Jesus and becoming the person God has made them to be. They come alive as they live in community and live for God’s Kingdom. And I am so privileged to be a part of the journey!

If you want to get connected at Antioch Dallas you can email: hello@antiochdallas.org

Here are just a few pictures from some fun things that our young adult sections and lifegroups have done!

Savannah Reynolds

Savannah Reynolds