Staff Spotlight: Savannah Reynolds


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I moved around a lot when I was really little, but then my family settled in Plano when I was in elementary school. I went to Baylor University for college and got connected with Antioch Waco while I was there. I was invited to the college service by a friend, and loved seeing people my age worship Jesus passionately and live their lives on mission for him. From there, I got involved with lifegroup. It was a really transforming time in my walk with Christ. When I moved to Dallas to complete my nursing degree I jumped in with Antioch Dallas.

What role do you serve on? 

I serve on the Pastoral Leadership Team and help to build, develop, shepherd and multiply Lifegroups. I work to develop Lifegroups as environments that reflect Jesus in their hospitality, vibrancy of relationship with God, disciple making and missional outreach.

On a weekly basis this looks like praying for our lifegroup leaders and members, meeting with leaders and members for discipleship, providing pastoral care in difficult situations, working in conjunction with our section leaders to provide vision and strategy, planning connection events, and following up with visitors to help them get connected to lifegroup. It also involves carrying an overall vision for where our lifegroups are going and then implementing that vision through our volunteer leaders.

 Why did you want to serve on this team?

I enjoy serving on this team because I love helping people get connected to the local church, get involved in community, grow in their relationship with Jesus through that and then make an impact in their spheres of influence. I think this role is important because I help to empower and resource our amazing lifegroup leaders as they do ministry week to week in their groups. My goal is to work hard to make lifegroup leading a great experience and in turn, see hundreds of people grow in their relationship with Jesus through being involved in a small group community.

How have you grown in your faith through being on staff?

I have grown in my need and ability to trust God with our church and with the lives of our members. He is ultimately the head of the church and cares more about every single person in our church more than I ever could. So learning to trust that God is in control has been a big place of growth for me.  

What challenges have you encountered as you invested in this team? How have you seen God use you through this team?

I can struggle with feeling weak and insecure, but it has been amazing to see how God still chooses to work through me. I have learned to renew my mind, to believe my identity in Christ, and to persevere when things are difficult. It’s amazing that God would give me courage and the skills needed to be able to serve and love others.

Describe some of the relationships you have been able to build through being in this role?

I have been so challenged, built up, loved on, and encouraged by the different people I have gotten to meet and know in this role. I love hearing people’s stories, being able to relate to them and encourage them.  So whether it’s the visitor on Sunday, the long time member, or the lifegroup leader I love grabbing coffee or a meal to hear what God is doing in their life, encourage them, and help them discern what their next steps are or where God is leading them.

One of the favorite relationships I’ve formed is meeting my husband :) He volunteers on our worship team and we got to know each other through serving in the Sunday services. I’ve also made some sweet, long-lasting friendships that mean the world to me!

Where do you see our church in 5 years?

In five years I see our church growing in number, depth of relationship with God and one another, and ability to minister to those that do not know Christ or are not connected to a local church. My hope is that more and more members would feel like they are deeply connected and committed to the vision and values of the church and available and ready to serve to accomplish the mission.