Love God, Love Life, Live Generously - Antioch ATX


Here at Antioch, our heart is to listen to the Lord's voice and go where He sends us and that's what the Antioch International Movement of Churches is all about. One of the newest church plants that is taking place right now is Antioch ATX and we wanted to give you a Q & A with the pastor, Jady Griffin, so that we can sow and be apart of what the Lord is doing in Austin, TX.

Tell us about yourselves.

My name is Jady Griffin and my wife's name is Elizabeth. We have been married for 13 years and have 4 kids: Sophie who is 9, Tait who is 7 and adopted twins Kevin and Ines who are 6.  Liz and I met at Baylor University where I studied her and Business and she studied Political Science.

While we were students at Baylor, we got involved in the college ministry at Antioch and both fell in love with the power of the church being the church.  If I’m honest with you, at that stage in our lives we didn’t see ourselves working at a church but definitely wanted to be about seeing the church reach it’s potential.  

After we were out of school, for about a year God put it on our hearts to leave our jobs and plant a church in Seattle, WA, which turned into 6 years of watching God do the impossible. After this season, we transitioned out of leading that church and began to serve as the college pastors at All Peoples Church is San Diego, CA, and from there served in a number of different capacities back at Antioch Waco that ranged from College, to production, to our conference team.

What led you guys to want to plant a church in Austin?

God put the idea of planting again while we were spending some time in South Africa about 2 years ago. At that time we didn’t know where but we felt like God was putting the bug in our hearts all over again. Through a lot of time of prayer into the “where” side of this dream, it became clear that the need in Austin, TX, one of the fastest growing cities in America with 500 new residents a week, was great and the ground was soft. It became abundantly clear that all we have done in life and ministry up to this point has prepared us for this moment.

What is the vision of the church- what do you hope to see the church become?

Our vision simply is to Love God, Love Life and Live Generously.

We believe that God wants to birth a church in this city that would serve as a light source of hope to the hopeless, and clarity for the confused. There is so much pain in the world today and we serve a God who drives into our pain with life, and we can’t wait to see hope live in this city.

How are you getting started?

We have a couple of things going on at this point. Life Groups are and have been happening, as well as gatherings in parks and homes getting to know each other. But we are also launching “GROWTH TRACK” in August.  Growth Track is our bread and butter as a church where you get the vision and the practicals of making this dream a reality. It will be every Sunday morning in August. We also plan to have at least one more VISION NIGHT this summer, which are our larger gathering meetings.

All the info about what and when things are happening will come at you if you email us at

Where is your church going to be located?

North Central Austin in the plan...all that to say we don’t have a building so we are riding the wave of availability.

How could we (Antioch Dallas) be praying for you guys as you launch?

  • Pray for Favor in the city and that God would establish us quickly relationally and financially.
  • Pray for Salvations when we gather together.
  • Pray for Jesus to be the most famous name in this city...we are in it to win it for Him.  

If we knew someone who might be interested in being a part of your church, how could we connect them to you all?

The best thing to do is have them email us at!