Women's Clothes Swap

  • 401 South Weatherred Drive Richardson, TX, 75080 United States

Women of Antioch, let's hang out! We are excited to connect by having a fun clothing swap. Clothing Swaps are great excuses to clean out your closet, get some new (used) clothing and hang out with friends. Here is how it works:

1. Donate 5-10 items that are washed and in good condition. We are accepting women's clothing and accessories and kids clothing. You can drop them off at church on Sunday, July 23rd or Sunday, July 30th. You can also drop them off on Saturday, July 29th from 12-2pm at 401 S. Weatherred Dr. Richardson, TX 75080.

2. For each item you donate you will receive a ticket which you can use on the day of the swap to take home an item that someone else brought.

3. If you don't have clothes to donate, you can purchase tickets for $5 each. 

4. Any clothes that don't find a new home will be be donated to a charity.

5. If you can, bring a snack to share!

 (FYI- this has been rescheduled from July 29)