Dominican Republic Trip

Antioch Dallas is headed back to the Dominican Republic!

Back in 2015, our church sent a team to partner with Stanley Phillipe in Santiago. Stanley is a great friend of the Antioch movement and leads a church called Iglesia Communidad Multicultural (ICM).  This summer we will be sending another team to work alongside them in church planting.

The focus of our DR trip will be:

  • To share the gospel boldly within Haitian and Dominican communities throughout the city.
  • To disciple new believers we meet.
  • To encourage ICM in their mission to see the entire island transformed by the love of Jesus.
  • Trip Dates:

Dates: Friday, July 14th - Saturday, July 22nd* (*dates may change + or - 1 day on the front or back end based upon plane ticket prices)

Cost (subject to change):

  • Adults: $1500
  • Children age 6-18: $1200
  • Children age 2-5: $1000
  • Children less than 2: $150

Important Dates:

  • June 4th: $900 due
  • July 2nd: Remaining balance due for all persons
  • July 14th: Departure Date - You should ask off work for this Friday
  • July 22nd: Return Date - We will return on Saturday evening