Fasting is the abstaining from food (or perhaps other things like media) for the sake of feasting on Jesus and seeking breakthrough in prayer. If fasting is new to you, we recommend this teaching from Jimmy Seibert on Fasting (video below/audio link here)


1. A Short Fast: A short fast can be anywhere from one meal to three days. This is a great place to start in pursuing this discipline. Here is a packet to help you if you are getting started.

2. A Season of Rhythm of Fasting: There are times where God calls us to a season of fasting or a rhythm of fasting. This can look like fasting for the first 3 days of the month for a given amount of time, or fasting a certain day(s) of the week as a habit.

3. A Long Fast: God can also call us into a time of fasting that is longer in nature from 4-40 days. 

4. Corporate Fasts: As a church we regularly engage in times of fasting and prayer as a community. 

** In all of these things we recommend consulting your doctor regarding your specific physical health before engaging in this practice.