One rhythm or way of life Christians have embraced for thousands of years as a pathway to foster spiritual growth is through daily times of Scripture reading, prayer and worship and other practices sometimes referred to as spiritual disciplines.

If these concepts are new to you, we recommend learning more via the following resources:

A Journey Through Psalm 23- This teaching series talks about how God feeds us through spiritual disciplines.

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster- This classic book is a how-to manual of sorts for learning about spiritual disciplines.

Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton- This is another great book on the how and why of spiritual disciplines.

Desiring God Through Fasting & Prayer by John Piper- This is a free book focusing on the power of prayer and fasting as tools that help us grow in Christ.

To help you walk in this practice, we have compiled a list of resources to guide you. 

1. Silence and Solitude

2. Worship

3. Scripture

4. Prayer

5. Journaling

6. Fasting

7. Praying in Tongues