First Things First: Jesus is a Door To The Supernatural


Intro: As we begin studying Luke's Gospel and read about the events surrounding the birth of Jesus, we read of a number of supernatural events like angelic visitation, divine healings, as well as miraculous pregnancy. These events don't stop with the birth of Jesus, but they saturate his life and ministry, as well as the lives and ministries of the church, thus it is important to realize that Jesus is a door to the supernatural. 

Ice Breaker Question: Recent research studies show approximately 50% of Americans report having personally had supernatural experiences. Has this ever happened to you? If so, what happened? 

Text: Depending on the size of your group, you may need to break it up, to facilitate this, but have the group read Luke 1.5-80 and then have the group list the supernatural events that take place surrounding the birth of Jesus. 

Digging In: On Sunday we learned that Jesus is a door to the supernatural, and that the miraculous events surrounding his birth and saturating his life and ministry serve to do three things: 

  1. They show us- "Pay attention to Jesus!"
  2. They show us the way God uses power, not for manipulative profit, private plunder, but to prosper, bless, heal and restore. 
  3. They inform us of our supernatural inheritance and calling as the church.

Discussion Question 1: How do these Scriptures and these three purposes inspire, encourage or challenge you? 

Discussion Question 2: What would it look like for us to let these scriptures and purposes form us as individuals and as a community in 2018

Prayer: Take the answers from question two, and spend time praying into those as a group- ideally, you would have 20-25 minutes to really sow in prayer over these things. 



stephen murray