Next Steps:

We are a church community, practicing the way of Jesus together in Dallas, Texas, and we are excited you are here!

We believe that church is not a building or a worship service (although those are both important parts of a church) but it is a diverse community brought together by the Good News of Jesus and committed to practicing the way of Jesus together. 

Our Sunday Worship Services are open to the public and it is the best place to get started. Beyond Sunday, if you would like to practice the way of Jesus together with us in our community, here are your next steps: 

Fill Out A Next Steps Card

We would love to personally help you get connected. Fill out our online Next Steps Card to get started.


Welcome To The Family Dinner

We host a free monthly dinner for people new to our church who are interested in building community and learning more about the church. This dinner is also the first step in making Antioch your church home. 

You can sign up for the next Welcome To The Family Dinner on our Event Calendar


Believe and Be Baptized

We want to invite you to know Jesus, become one of his disciples and experience salvation. Our first act of discipleship is to receive the Gospel. Our next step is to be baptized. If you would like to take this step of faith or learn more about it, one of our pastors or your Lifegroup leader would love to help you. If you have believed and would like to be baptized go here. 

Become A Partner

We don't have members at Antioch, we have partners, because we believe that church is not something you join like Costco or Lifetime Fitness, but it is a people you partner together with to practice the way of Jesus! If you are interested in making Antioch your church home, our pathway to partnership is as follows:

  1. Attend Welcome To The Family Dinner- You can sign up for the next one here.

  2. Read our Partnership Guide: You can download the guide here.

  3. Begin integrating our partner commitments into your life: We realize this will happen at different speeds for different people. We think that is great and want to encourage you in your journey!

  4. Attend Welcome To The Family Part 2: This class is held once a month and will allow you to ask any questions you have, as well as meet various Serve Team leaders.

  5. Meet With a Pastor: We would love to meet with you, share our own story with you and hear yours as well.

  6. Fill out the “I Am In For Partnership” Form on our website.

  7. Commissioning: Once a quarter, we will introduce and pray over new partners in our Sunday Worship Service as we commission them in our community.

Invite Your Friends!

We believe that the Gospel is good news and we want people to experience its power! Invite your friends, family and co-workers to be a part of our community that they might experience the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus.