Our Vision & Community:

Our church is a family of Jesus followers connected by a common faith in Christ and a deep desire to see Dallas [and the world] saturated with the goodness of the Gospel.

Why is this so important? 

When the Gospel saturates a city, spiritual renewal happens. People become more generous and empathetic, families flourish, vibrant communities are built, works of mercy and compassion for the poor are invigorated, schools are strengthened, health care becomes more holistic and healing, businesses more creative, and humane and race relations more healthy. 

When the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus saturates a city, its inhabitants flourish and nations experience healing, God is known, justice and righteousness flow like rivers and neighbors are loved. 

This is where you come into the story. 

We believe that everyone has a meaningful part to play in this mission and a meaningful role in this family. 

Our Culture:

As we pursue this vision, its success is vitally tied to the people we are, the values we hold, and the way we treat one another and the world. Here are the values we are seeking to live out:

Jesus Is Our Treasure. 

He is the joy of our lives, the anthem of our song, the satisfier of our soul, the source of true life, the centerpiece of history, and the One worthy of all the worship. It is through Him that we come to know God the Father and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

His Gospel Heals.

The Lord is our healer, and in the Gospel, He is making all things new. As we go deeper in knowing, living, and giving in the Gospel, we experience holistic healing.

HIs spirit fills. 

The Holy Spirit births life in our lives. We desire to be filled with the power of the Spirit and walk in all that means for our character, our relationship with God, and the fruitfulness of our ministry.

We Are Better Together.

God has brought us into His family. Male and female, young and old, introverts and extroverts, rich and poor, Republican and Democrat. We share life together as a blessing from and a witness of Christ’s love.

We Are Blessed to Be A Blessing.

We give generously because God first gave generously to us. No sacrifice is too large in light of all that we have been given in the Gospel. We are filled up in order to be poured out.

Saved People Serve People.

The scandal of the Gospel is that in it, God humbled Himself to become a man, and as a man humbled Himself to serve His enemies. As people who have been saved by His service, we respond by living lives of humble service.

Found People Find People.

Jesus found us in our rebellion and brought us Home. His work is not done, He has commissioned us to join with Him in finding others.

Transformed People Transform Cities.

As we are deeply transformed by the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus, we bring transformation to the cities we live in.

We Won’t Take This For Granted.

It is a privilege to be a part of what God is doing; we want to actively be thankful and grateful and we will celebrate this regularly, and renew our commitment annually.

All of these cultural values flow out of rich doctrinal roots. You can learn more about those roots here.