Resources For Learning About Worship & Prayer as Ministry To Jesus

1. Mary of Bethany: Wasting Your Life by Mike Bickle- This teaching by Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer provides a great vision for ministering to Jesus in prayer and worship.

2. The Unquenchable Worshipper: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship by Matt Redman- This book by the worship leader Matt Redman focuses on worshipping God. The description of the book is: The Unquenchable Worshipper issues a passionate call for a return to an unadulterated, first-love lifestyle of worship. In his first book release, respected worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman writes: "The revelation of God is the fuel for the fire of our worship. And there is always more fuel for the fire. When we open the eyes of our heart, God's revelation comes flying at us from so many different angles." Open the eyes of your heart and let the gut-level message of The Unquenchable Worshipper cause you, like martyred missionary Jim Elliot, to say, "Saturate me with the oil of Thy Spirit, that I may be aflame. Make me Thy fuel O flame of God." It's time to dive into the heart of worship--will you take the plunge?

3. The Way In Is The Way On by John Wimber- This book by John Wimber lays a foundation of ministry to Jesus. The description of the book is:  "The Way in is the Way On is a compilation of the late John Wimber's teachings and writings on life in Christ. In classic Wimber style, he captures the heart of the reader by sharing practical applications from the Bible that result in life-changing experiences with God. Read first-hand accounts from Matt Redman, Jack Hayford, Robert Schuller, Carol Wimber, Jackie Pullinger-To, as well as many other Christian leaders from around the world who have been impacted by John’s life."