School of Transformation

The School of Transformation is a discipleship community embedded in the context of our local church, Antioch Dallas. The school is designed for adults of all ages, backgrounds, occupations, and stages of life who want to cultivate a vibrant relationship with Jesus. We do this by facilitating learning experiences, inspiring community and soul strengthening exercises.

Course Overview & Important Dates

Feb 3rd: Application Deadline

February 10th: First class - 5-8pm.

March 8-9: Holy Spirit Weekend

April 21: Easter (NO CLASS)

May 19th: Last Class Meeting

June: Mission Trip available but not required.


  1. Step ONE – Review Course Overview & Submit “I’m Interested” online form. We’ll contact you with how to take next steps!

  2. Step TWO – Complete “Get to Know You” Profile

  3. Step THREE – Sign-Up for Orientation Interview with School of Transformation Staff

  4. Step FOUR – Upon Acceptance, Sign Commitment Form and Pay Deposit

  5. Step FIVE – Get Prepared and gather prayer support


Due to the generosity of our church family, we are able to underwrite most of the cost of the school for the Spring 2019 term out of the tithes and offerings of our church. This is really exciting! There is some cost we require students to pay as well. They are:

  • Tuition: $350 individual | $600 couple | $600 family

  • Cost covers all supplies, books, materials, and activities.

  • Payment Dates: $100 deposit is due upon acceptance to the School of Transformation with signed Commitment Form. Remaining Tuition is due the first day of class. Payment plans are available. *Refund Policy: Deposit and Tuition is non-refundable


CLASS TIMES: Sunday Nights 5:00pm-8:00pm & 1 Additional Weekend Date (March 8-9)

Basic class time includes corporate worship and prayer, teaching, and ministry time. Some days include group Bible study, discipleship groups, activation of spiritual gifts, and training with ministry areas.

Families/Parents: We desire The School of Transformation to be a family friendly experience! Therefore, we provide age appropriate children’s ministry for kids nursery age through 6th grade during class times where your kids will be taught the Word of God and be equipped to follow Jesus. In order to be well prepared for ministry to kids, please apply to the school ASAP!

Tardies & Absences: Students are allowed one pre-approved absence and one emergency absence during the school. Any additional expected absences should be discussed with staff during orientation interview.

Other Important Details

In addition to the class nights, there will be weekly activation exercises designed to help you put into practice what we are learning. We also ask that each student be regularly engaged in our Sunday worship services and participate in one of our serve teams.

SERVE TEAM: Sunday mornings, various other times (1-2 hours every other week)

  • Each student will be connected with a ministry area in our local church to use their gifts in serving while being equipped for ministry in that particular area. Students will serve in their ministry area every other week at minimum. While many of the volunteer times take place on Sunday mornings during church services, others take place during other times (i.e. Leading a Life Group). You are allowed to serve in more than one area if you desire.

  • *Families and individuals with challenging schedules/variables can participate in a modified service track. Please address this in your Orientation Interview with School of Transformation Staff.

  • SERVE Teams include: Worship/Media | Antioch Kids | Welcome Home | Life Group Leading


The teaching curriculum for the School of Transformation is comprised of 3 key areas that will be developed through class time teaching, Bible reading/study, outside books, and soul strengthening exercises.


  • Character of God

  • Person & Work of Jesus

  • Person & Work of Holy Spirit

  • The Word of God

  • Identity in Christ

Soul Strengthening Practices:

  • Sabbath

  • Devotional Life

  • Fasting

  • Intercession

  • Giving

  • Serving


  • Fruit of the Spirit

  • Servant Heart

  • Holiness & Purity

  • Time Management

  • Freedom in Christ


There will be a variety of reading and writing assignments giving students opportunities to learn and grow in Christ. You can expect a stretching, but doable amount of outside reading (about one book every 3-4 weeks). It’s all amazing and transforming content!

Basic weekly reading includes:

  • Daily reading assignments from Scripture (1-2 chapters a day)

  • Reading assignments from selected books (One book 4 weeks)


We believe the Scriptures give us freedom/grace in many of these areas where some traditions of men have drawn black and white lines. We do not want to have a legalistic culture, however, in order to maintain a unified, rich environment that will provide the best opportunity for each student to experience the fullness of what God has for them personally and corporately during this school, we feel it is important and wise that we set a community focus and standard in the following areas:

  • Dating – We ask that students not begin new dating relationships during the school

  • Media – Abstain from media that dishonors God or distracts you from receiving God’s best

  • Alcohol/Tobacco – Abide by Biblical guideline. Do not get drunk, do not be addicted, do not cause your brother/sister to stumble, be high above reproach.


We believe God has called us to minister and plant churches in the nations of the earth! Therefore, a huge part of the Antioch Discipleship Schools is the Activation Mission Trip where students get to share the love of Jesus in an international context and see God working around the world. Participating in a mission trip is required to complete Antioch Discipleship School. We recommend going on the trip either at the completion of the School of Transformation or the School of Ministry

  • Approximate Dates: June 2019

  • Cost: Approximately $1,700 (not included in tuition)

  • Details: More details regarding dates, travel info, documents, packing lists, etc. for this trip will be available for students at the beginning of the school.

  • Trip Location: TBD (Likely Central/South America)

  • *Raising Funds: Students will be encouraged and given tools for raising support for their trip, but each student is responsible for raising their funds.


Send School of Transformation related questions to us at, call the church at (469) 563-2223.