One of the staples of any devotional life is the Scripture. If reading the Bible is new to you, we recommend listening through the following teaching series on the topic:

Milk & Meat: A Series on The Why & How of Reading The Bible

Here are 3 ways you can you can put this into practice. 

1. Bible in One Year Plan

Make it your goal to read the Bible through in 1 year. There are numerous reading plans available on the internet in terms of how to break it up. While you are going through, highlight all the descriptions you see of the character of God (example- He is merciful, He is gracious, He is just etc.). 

2. Focused Meditation

Pick one passage of Scripture like the Lord's Prayer of Philippians 2 and focus on it everyday for a week. Here is a letter from Martin Luther describing how to do this. 

3. Devotional Reading Plans

The YouVersion Bible App has a number of devotional reading plans arranged by theme and topic. You can download the app in the app store. We also recommend He Reads Truth and She Reads Truth as solid devotional plans.