Each week, we teach from the Scriptures in our Sunday Worship Service an inspiring, life-building sermon. Here are some recent sermon videos.

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Current Teaching Series


As Easter approaches, we are taking 6 weeks to reflect and remember the faithfulness of God to His People and to the World. Each teaching in this series is from the Gospel of Luke and focuses on a different aspect of God’s faithfulness. Our hope is that it inspires and encourages you and gives you fresh perspective on how God is working in your life.

Recent Teaching Series

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As people we are hunger for our lives to have meaning. In Jesus we find the mission that gives our lives meaning. This teaching series focuses on one key aspect of that mission: making disciples.

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In the ’80s there was a hit song whose chorus was “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!” We all hope for a bright and fruitful future, but how does hope become a reality? While there is much in life we can’t control, in these 3 teachings, Jesus gives us fundamental principles for unlocking the future that we long for.

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Movies are a big part of our cultural experience of Christmas. In this series we cover several popular Christmas movies- The Grinch, Elf and The Greatest Showman and we see how they point us to the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus and the life found in Him.

Every person alive has been given talents and strengths by God. When we practice the way of Jesus, the Holy Spirit adds new talents and gifts into our lives. In this series you are going to learn: How to identify your talents, what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how does one experience it. How to use and grow your talents, strengths and gifts of the Holy Spirit.


As we continue through the Gospel of Luke we begin to see a picture of the new humanity Jesus is building. This community was marked by four inheritances that Jesus gave to them and that he offers for all believers. In this teaching series you will learn about the gift of the gospel, the gift of testimony, the gift of friendship with Jesus and the gift of financial wisdom.

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Long ago, a prophecy went forth about a king that was to come, who would bear our griefs and sorrows, be pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities, and that through his wounds, we would find healing. This king is Jesus. He is our wounded healer.


At the end of his most famous sermon, Jesus closes by inviting us not just to stand in awe of his goodness, or just to memorize his teaching, but to practice His way. 

But what does that look like in America in 2018? 

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As we continue through the Gospel of Luke we come to a collection of Jesus most significant sermons. Each of the teachings here  is counterintuitive to the way many of us have been taught to live, but if we trust the process and apply them to our lives, we will experience the healing power of the Kingdom of God. This teaching series is from Luke 6.17-45


In this section of the Gospel of Luke we see four aspects of Jesus’s character close up. All are surprising, stereotype defying and refreshing in their own way. He is a friend of sinners, the great bridegroom, the God of rest and a God of adventure.

Our hope is that through these teachings that people would be renewed in seeing these characteristics or descriptions of Jesus.