Margin & Mission



January 1st, 2017
In part 1 of our new series Margin and Mission we teach about the ritual and rhythm of rest in the life of a disciple of Jesus.


January 8th, 2017
The Gospel transforms us into being a people who embrace both margin and mission in our lives. In this week's sermon we explore how that impacts our time, and seek to create margin through letting go in order to lay hold of greater things.

Emotional Margin

January 15th, 2017
As we talk about being a people of margin & mission, one of the primary ways we can lose our margin is in our emotional life. The Gospel proves to be a resource for us in this regard, validating the emotional experiences of our lives and giving us an anchor point for sifting through our emotions. 

Financial Margin

January 22nd, 2017
The next sermon in our study on Margin and Mission is on the topic of financial margin. Like the other issues we have studied- rest, time, emotional margin, finances and financial margin can crush you, or be a great blessing. 

The Gospel is good news, because in it, we receive the power for financial margin.