Strong Grace

The Book of 1st Peter helps us to see the grace of God in a greater light. This series will help you continually direct your heart and mind to the grace of God.

A New Name, A New Purpose, A New Source

November 13th, 2016
As we start our study in 1st Peter we see that the grace of God gives us a new name, a new purpose and a new power source.

The Gift of Grace in Jesus

November 20th, 2016
In this section of Scripture we see the gift of grace that we have been given in Jesus. It is the gift of God's great mercy, His abundant generosity and His forever faithfulness.

Hope Fully

November 27th, 2016
In this section of 1 Peter we see the call to set our hope fully on the grace that God gives and we see practical steps on how we do that.

Grace Gives Transformation

December 4th, 2016
As we continue through 1st Peter, we learn that the grace of God that comes through Jesus Christ brings transformation- specifically to our character, our longings and our motivations. 

The Exclusivity of Christ

December 11th, 2016
In this weeks episode of Strong Grace, we study 1 Peter 2.6-8. In it the apostle Peter lays out a bold and controversial claim about Christ- namely that He is the only way to salvation.

As we study this verse we clarify what this means, why this can make us uncomfortable, and in the end, why this is really good news. 

Strong Grace Gives Guidance

December 18th, 2016
In this week's episode of Strong Grace, we study 1 Peter 2.9-12. The apostle Peter shows us how God's grace gives us guidance. God declares our identity, He clarifies our purpose, and gives us loving instruction.