Summer Mixtape

The Book of Psalms has been the Mixtape of the people of God for centuries. They are the songs and heart-felt cries of people seeking after God around the world.

Every situation in life is represented in the book of psalms. Psalms anticipate and train you for every possible spiritual, social, and emotional condition—they show you what the dangers are, what you should keep in mind, what your attitude should be, how to talk to God about it, and how to get from God the help you need.
— Tim Keller

This series coincides with our summer initiative to read through all of the Psalms together as a community. Listen to our weekly teaching and download our summer reading guide below.

Psalm 1: An Overview of the Book of Psalms

July 2nd, 2017
Stephen Murray shares out of Psalm 1 and gives an overview of the book of Psalms to start the Summer Mixtape sermon series.

Psalm 91: God's Character

July 9th, 2017
Lesley Roby shares three foundational truths about God's character from Psalm 91. He is our dwelling place, He is our protection, and He keeps His promises.

Psalm 103: The Love and Fear of God

July 16th, 2017
Susan Peters shares an important word on the importance of the love and fear of God, the necessity of committing to the local church, and how trusting in the word of God will help you make it in life.

Psalm 40: Enduring the Bogs, the Pits, & the Trials

July 23rd, 2017
Mark Zeigler finishes our Summer Mixtape series with Psalm 40 with his message titled, "Enduring the Bogs, the Pits, & the Trials." He shares four encouragements about enduring the trials we will face in this life.