Silence & Solitude

Luke 5.16 But he (Jesus) would withdraw to desolate places and pray. 

If this practice is new to you, we recommend this teaching by John Mark Comer on Silence and Solitude. 

3 Ways To Practice

1. 10 Minutes of Silence

Block out 10 minutes of silence to start your morning. No music, no technology, just you and God. Many have found it helpful to repeat a single phrase like "Father, I belong to you." or "Jesus, your grace is enough for me." during the time. 

2. A Way To Pray

Use the guided prayers put together by "A Way To Pray" on Spotify (link here). Try and do one a day. 

3. A Prayer Retreat

Montserrat Prayer Retreat center, offers guided multi-day prayer retreats in the Metroplex area (link here)