Apr. 29th

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Jesus not only proclaimed the Kingdom, but demonstrated it through His life and ministry with the disciples.  

In this teaching you will learn how the kingdom of God invests in people


The Good & Beautiful Kingdom Weekly Devotional

We are in WEEK FOUR of our devotional guide! Join us as we pray for God's kingdom to come and His will to be done in every aspect of our lives and city. You can pick a devotional up on Sundays or grab the digital version online at devotionalresources.com

Songwriters Gathering

A group of our songwriters at Antioch got together on Sunday morning to discuss what it will look like for our community to write new music as a community. We're excited to see God give us new songs to sing.

House of Prayer - Celebration

We honored a few of our House of Prayer leaders on Sunday for the ways they have stood on the wall contending for our church in the prayer room. Thank you to everyone who has helped launch the prayer room this Spring.


stephen murray