"Come and Follow Me" Jesus- Matthew 4.19

As a church, our community is built on growing as disciples of Jesus- people who have encountered the grace and majesty of Jesus and are marked by a growing relationship with Him, being molded in their lives and loves by Him, and joining with Him in His mission. We are committed to practicing the way of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life here in Dallas, Texas. 

Whether you are at the beginning stages of that journey of exploring who Jesus is and what it means for your life, or are years into the discipleship process, there is a place for you in our church. 

To pursue this end we have carefully cultivated a few intentional and meaningful environments and relationships to help you in your discipleship to Jesus. They are as follows:

SUnday Worship Services:

We gather as a church family on Sundays to worship and encounter Jesus, to connect relationally, to learn and grow by studying the Bible, and to be filled up with the Holy Spirit in order to be sent out for the week ahead. You can get more information on our Sunday worship service here and sample past teaching here.

But please keep in mind our Sunday service is more than a meeting, or something that can be recreated through listening to a podcast. It is a re-calibration point in the lives of disciples- the people of Jesus in the presence of Jesus for the purposes of Jesus. 


The second environment we seek to facilitate for discipleship are our communities- we call them Lifegroups. These groups are where  we practice the way of Jesus, together, in Dallas. It’s where we build meaningful friendships, share life together, grow in our relationship with Jesus and practice living as disciples, joining in with Jesus' work in our neighborhoods, campuses, workplaces, and city.

Here is a video describing our groups:

If you are interested in joining a group, please check out our Lifegroups page.

Schools & Classes:

A third environment in which we seek to grow as disciples is through a series of classes and schools we facilitate each semester. You can learn more about our schools & classes here.

Serve Teams:

A fourth environment that we facilitate for the purpose of discipleship is our serve teams. We believe that saved people serve people- that as Jesus has served and saved us in the Gospel, he has called us to serve others. These happen both in our church and in our city. You can learn more about serve teams here.


Within all of the above environments, we recognize and encourage mentoring relationships to form. Typically these develop organically as people connect relationally through the above environments. If you are wanting to begin a mentoring relationship, a mentoring group, or even a peer group for the purpose of discipleship, we have a few resources we recommend, which you can find here.