Our Vision:

Our vision for the future is to see the Dallas Metroplex saturated with the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus. 

Why is this so important? 

When the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus saturates a city, God is known and cherished, neighbors are loved, people flourish and nations experience healing. People become more generous and empathetic, vibrant communities are built, works of mercy and compassion for the poor are invigorated, schools are strengthened, health care becomes more holistic and healing, businesses more creative, and human and race relations more healthy.  

Our Hope For You:

If you are with us for a short time, our hope is that you will encounter Jesus, life-giving community and experience the great love that Jesus has for you. 

If you become an ongoing part of our church community, our hope is that you would see yourself growing and being transformed in:

Identity: You experience wholeness, freedom, and security as you grow in relationship with God and discover who you are in Christ. 

Hope: You would be filled with a vibrant hope by understanding the good news of what God has done in Jesus.

Community: You will develop meaningful friendships as you belong to and participate in radically loving community. 

Purpose: You will find true purpose and lasting vision as you develop your love and walk in your calling and gifting for the glory of God and the good of all people. 

Joy: As you grow in relationship with God and with others, that you would experience the deep and profound joy of knowing Jesus.

Our Missional Declaration 

We believe the pathway to see Dallas saturated with the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus and to experience the growth and fruitfulness that is our hope for you occurs as we live out our church missional declaration:

“Jesus is the Bread of Life and that means He is good news for our poverty, healing for our brokenness, liberty for our bondage, favor for our world, victory over our darkness, comfort for our sorrow and provision for our need.

As such, we are called to be sons and daughters who encounter Jesus.

He is at work in our lives transforming our ashes into beauty, mourning into joy, despair into hope and building us into oaks of righteousness, planted by God to display his splendor.

As such, we are sons and daughters who practice His ways that we might grow vibrant like oak trees.

He is at work through us to see people who have been stranded by sin rescued to life and liberty in Christ.

As such, we are sons and daughters who desire to leverage our lives to see the His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

Anchor Values:

We have identified 9 simple, biblical values that we believe, alongside our statement of faith, anchor and guide us as we grow in practicing the way of Jesus individually and as a church: 

  1. Jesus is Our Treasure. Jesus is the best thing in life and knowing him is an incredible treasure.

  2. His Gospel Heals. The Gospel heals spiritually and physically- it redeems our past and transforms our future.

  3. His Spirit Fills. The Holy Spirit desires to fill our lives with His fruit, His gifts and His power.

  4. We Are Better Together. We work to build healthy community with others.

  5. We Are Blessed to Be A Blessing. Generosity with finances is an important aspect of stewardship and character in the life of a disciple of Jesus. We give generously because God first gave generously to us.

  6. Saved People Serve People. Having been saved by Jesus serving us, we are servants to those around us.

  7. Found People Find People. Having been found by Jesus in the Gospel, we help other people come to know Jesus as well!

  8. Transformed People Transform Cities. As we are deeply transformed by the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus, we bring transformation to our homes, campuses, workplaces and neighborhoods in which we live.

  9. We Won’t Take This For Granted. It is a privilege to be a part of what God is doing, so we are thankful and intentional to celebrate this regularly.