Formerly, Antioch Discipleship School was a year long program with a wide variety of focal points. Beginning in the Fall of 2017, Antioch Discipleship School is being broken into Growth Courses and 3 separate semester long schools: The School of Transformation, School of Ministry, and Church Planting School. We believe this change will allow more people to be a part of these life changing opportunities, as well as enhance the experience of each student and better serve the vision of Antioch Discipleship School to help encourage, strengthen and equip the people of Antioch Dallas to live out all God has for them! This Fall 2017 we will offer Growth Courses and the School of Transformation. Check below for more info!

School Overview:

Stunned- In Isaiah chapter 6, the prophet Isaiah describes a remarkable encounter he had with God. He related that as he was in the temple that God came near and that the glory of God filled the temple. Isaiah was stunned at the awesomeness and majesty of God. Our discipleship school seeks to create an environment that would give students the opportunity to be stunned in a similar way- overwhelmed at the awesomeness and majesty of Jesus.

Shaped- Having been stunned by God's majesty, Isaiah then is shaped and transformed as he is cleansed and set apart. This encounter with God shaped Isaiah's character and the course of his life. Our discipleship school seeks to be an environment for students, having been stunned by God's majesty to be shaped by His grace and cleansing. Each portion of the school is about personal transformation.

Sent- Having been stunned and shaped, Isaiah is then sent out in God's purposes for his life. Our school seeks to equip and empower students to be sent in a similar way into the calling God has placed on their lives.

School Structure:

Antioch Discipleship School has four parts:

1. Growth Courses: These are shorter courses that meet three to eight sessions (varies by course) and are geared around topics and relationship that help people grow. We will release our fall calendar of courses the first week of August. 

2. School of TransformationThis is a semester long spiritual growth intensive designed for adults of all ages, backgrounds, occupations, and stages of life focused on spiritual practices that will help disciples have a vibrant relationship with Jesus and live like Jesus in their everyday context. You can read more about the School of Transformation here. On a case by case basis, you may be asked to take a Growth Course as a first step before enrolling in the School of Transformation. Applications for the Fall school have begun. 

3. School of Ministry: This is a semester long intensive designed for adults of all ages, backgrounds, occupations, and stages of life focused on developing leaders to minister fruitfully and faithfully in our church & city. The School of Transformation is a prerequisite for the School of Ministry. This school will launch in January of 2018.

4. Church Planting School: This semester long school is for students who have completed the School of Transformation and the School of Ministry and desire to serve with Antioch either at a US or international church plant. It is put on in collaboration with Antioch Ministries International. If you are interested in this school, please email to discuss participating.