Antioch Discipleship School

Stunned- In Isaiah chapter 6, the prophet Isaiah describes a remarkable encounter he had with God. He related that as he was in the temple that God came near and that the glory of God filled the temple. Isaiah was stunned at the awesomeness and majesty of God. Our discipleship school seeks to create an environment that would give students the opportunity to be stunned in a similar way- overwhelmed at the awesomeness and majesty of Jesus.

Shaped- Having been stunned by God's majesty, Isaiah then is shaped and transformed as he is cleansed and set apart. This encounter with God shaped Isaiah's character and the course of his life. Our discipleship school seeks to be an environment for students, having been stunned by God's majesty to be shaped by His grace and cleansing. It is a year of personal transformation.

Sent- Having been stunned and shaped, Isaiah is then sent out in God's purposes for his life. Our school seeks to equip and empower students to be sent in a similar way into the calling God has placed on their lives.

School Philosophy:

Antioch Discipleship School emphasizes learning by doing and experiencing alongside academic understanding. This creates a unique growth environment where students are expected to respond to God, stretching their faith and growing in their understanding of Him.

Antioch Discipleship School students will learn from instructors and teachers, but these class lectures are just a small part of the overall experience. In addition to class, students will learn through times of personal devotion reading the Scripture and other books, interacting with their classmates, serving in the local church, times of outreach and incorporating what they are learning into their workplace, families and relationships.

Class Highlights For Transformation:

  • Discovering the excellencies of Jesus
  • Understanding the Gospel and all that Jesus died to give us and make us
  • Inner healing from pain from our past
  • Greater depth of relationship with God and with other believers
  • The values of the Kingdom of God and to live a life shaped by these values
  • Learn to study and love the Scripture
  • Dynamically impact the local church with grace, love, truth and power
  • Impacting their spheres of influence with the Gospel.
  • Learn how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Class Meeting:

This year class will meet Sunday evenings 5:00-8:00pm with a few Saturday events throughout the year.

General Schedule & Dates of Required Events:


Heart and Soul (church-wide leaders meeting): TBA (Sunday evening)
ADS Retreat: September 2nd - 5th (6pm Friday – Monday afternoon)
First Day of Class: September 11th
1/2 Night of Prayer: September TBA
Stateside Fall Trip: October TBA (4-5 days falls over a weekend)
Bondage Breaker: November TBA (Friday night & all day Saturday)
1/2 Night of Prayer: December TBA
Last Class of Fall Semester/ Exam: December 11th


New Year’s Break (No Class): January 1st
First Class of Spring Semester: January 8th
World Mandate: Date TBA (Friday evening – Saturday)
Spring Semester Exam: May 28th
Summer Overseas Trip: Date/Location TBA (early June)
Last day of class: Sunday after returning from overseas trip

Class Tuition:

$2000 (per person) // $3,000 (per couple) // this covers the fall outreach and World Mandate.

A deposit of $300 per person is due (upon your acceptance) by June 1st; the remaining amount can be paid in full, or paid out in monthly installments starting in August.

An additional estimated cost for the summer outreach approximately $2,700 must be paid in full before you can go on the trip (the cost of the fall outreach is covered in your tuition).

As a general rule, students pay for the school as a result from their employment, and typically use some combination of support raising and work to pay for the overseas outreach.

Funds received for your tuition costs (from you or others) are not tax deductible.

We use the funds to pay for books, instructor fees, fall outreach, World Mandate, additional learning experiences and school overhead costs.

ADS Kids:

Families with children are encouraged to apply to ADS and have their children participate. 

ADS Kids is more than built in babysitting, it is a time for your children to encounter God, enjoy life-giving community and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment. During class time on Sunday nights children will have their own ADS experience where dedicated ADS kids workers will facilitate a curriculum that tracks alongside what the parents are learning and experiencing.


  • Devotion to Jesus – Learn to spend time with Jesus every day.
  • Bible Study- complete Scripture studies outside of the class
  • Evangelism – Participate in class outreaches by sharing the Gospel regularly.
  • Discipleship – Learn to be discipled and to disciple others.
  • Scripture Memory – Memorize assigned Scriptures
  • Antioch Church Life – Participate in a Lifegroup, attend a Sunday Service and serve the church in some capacity.
  • Employment – Secure and maintain at least a part-time job (around 20 hours per week). Being a a stay-at-home mom is considered a full-time job.
  • Book Reading – Read one book assigned each month.
  • Summer Homework – Complete the summer homework prior to starting the school
  • Semester Exams – Pass the fall and spring semester exams.
  • Fall U.S. Outreach – Participate in an evangelistic outreach to serve one of Antioch’s U.S. church plants.
  • Spring International Outreach – Participate in  evangelistic outreach to one of Antioch’s international church plants.
  • Outside Learning Experiences: Complete assigned outside learning experiences designed to enhance transformation.
  • Come to class on time and stay till the end of class.
  • Be open to learning, growing and receiving feedback
  • Have a good attitude and be willing to focus and work hard.

Final Notes:

The discipleship school is not for everyone. It definitely requires focus and commitment, but great reward for those who do. While we have structured the school to accommodate those with families and full-time jobs, if you do not feel like you can make the commitment, then it is best for you not to do the school at this time.

Application Process:

Click Here to fill out the application.

  • Applications for 2016-2017 term are due June 6th 2016.
  • You may be contacted to schedule an in-person or phone interview.
  • You will receive notification regarding acceptance into the school after your application and interview.
  • Class size is limited and priority will be given based on date of application among other factors.
  • Our staff will pray and seek God about each individual applicant for the school.
  • Be sure and start working on the summer reading list (readings must be completed in order to start classes in the fall)